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The One Thing, “Cubed”


I think we can all agree that hearing the words “the one thing” is the equivalent to hearing a battle cry for efficiency and productivity. Gary Keller’s book has taken our company by storm and its impact can be felt by anyone who picks it up and soaks it in.

“What’s the one thing that I can do that would make everything else easier to do or no longer necessary?”

This is the foundational question of the book, “The One Thing.” It’s a great question that, when asked, can simplify the complex and shine a light on one’s proper pathway to action.

One of my own personal adaptations of asking this question is to ask it couple of different ways, particularly if the answer to “the one thing” question happens to elude you. So, if you ask “the one thing” question and you don’t come up with a suitable answer for whatever reason, then maybe you should try these on for size:

“What’s the one thing I feel guilty about not doing that I know I should be doing?”

Sometimes we have a little voice inside of us that gets drowned out amongst all of the busyness and amongst the stress and complexities of our day, and our actions become a product derived from the outside world more than our inner world. Sometimes it gets drowned out by having the wrong sources of input in our life and business. Regardless of why, it’s important to be still and quiet…to find that inner voice…and to listen to it. That voice knows us better than the outside world knows us, and can hold the key to the answer of what action you need to take that will make everything else easier to do or no longer necessary.

Alternatively, it may be that you should stop doing something before you should start doing something. This can be true for adrenaline junkies and for those of us who put more food on our daily plate than we can – or should – eat. So, this next alternative way of asking “the one thing” question is for everyone “whose eyes are bigger than your stomach,” as my grandmother used to say.

“What’s the one thing I am doing that I know I should stop doing?”

The answer to this question may open up a whole new world of opportunity for us. Most of the top producers that I know are not bored. In fact, they are the complete opposite of bored. They have schedules that resemble an overbooked airline flight, they are trying to accomplish too much at the same time and the thought of asking a question that gives them one “more” thing to do is scary. Another thing my grandmother used to say is, “You can’t put 10 pounds of poop in a 5 pound bag.”

So, perhaps, if we want to be inspired by doing what will make everything else easier to do or not necessary at all, maybe we should identify what is ineffectively and unprofitably eating away at our ability to be efficient, productive and profitable? What efforts are eating up the clock and not giving us the return we want? What clients in our business are sucking the life out of us? And because good is the enemy of great, we have to understand that some of the things we need to stop doing are not yielding “bad” results for us. In fact, they may be yielding “good” results, and good results may actually be keeping us from great ones.

Take inventory of the time, money and energy resources you spend to get the results you want. Anything that is not yielding great results should be looked at as a potential resource for trading up to great results. If you’re going to stop putting your time, money and energy towards something, then you should have more time, money and energy to spend on your answer to the question, “What’s the one thing I can do that will make everything else easier to do or not necessary at all?”

Clarity, conviction and passion are the precursors to efficiency, productivity and profitability. Answering “the one thing” question will help us discover all of these.

Good luck! I wish you all the best in your quest to identify and live your one thing.

Your #1 Fan…


Shaun Rawls
The Rawls Group / Keller Williams Realty

Here We Go Again…


While all of us in Atlanta are bracing for an ice storm, it’s hard to believe that in just a few of days, many of us, along with thousands of people from around the world will be making our way to Arizona for our annual Keller Williams convention, otherwise known as “Family Reunion.” If you’ve been before and are going again, then I’m sure you are already excited about all of the information and energy that you will return with; if you’ve not been before and are going for the first time, then buckle up and get ready to experience the power of Keller Williams like you never have before; and if you are not going, then try to make going next year a huge priority for you.

All of us take vacations from time to time in an effort to step away from the stress and busyness of our daily lives. Vacations allow us to regroup, re-center, re-focus, re-energize, re-build and refresh. What’s cool about KW’s Family Reunion is that it does the same things for you that a vacation does. In my history with Keller Williams, I have concluded that there are personal vacations and professional vacations. And I have found that almost every educational event I attend in this company brings me back to work sharper, more focused and more excited and energized about what I am doing and how I can do it better.

Unlike any other training event you could attend, Family Reunion offers significant training on virtually every possible topic in our industry in just a matter of days. Almost literally, anything that you want to improve in your business or explore for your business is there and you can spend all of your time feeding yourself with the educational food that you most want and need. And all of the educational nuggets are downloaded by agents who have earned the right to share their experience with you. They are an open book and they share their success and their failures so that you can benefit from their experience while potentially avoiding the costly and painful mistakes they had to endure.

In addition to the breakout sessions, you will also have the opportunity to listen to and learn from Gary Keller and Dianna Kokoszka, two of our industry’s most powerful real estate educators. When it comes to Gary, I always like to point out the uniqueness of Gary and why he remains the critical engine underneath the hood of Keller Williams. You see, Gary Keller founded this company and even being at the height of his career, he continues to focus all of his efforts on real estate agents. Gary coaches the most accomplished professionals in our industry and as a result, he has his finger on the pulse of the real estate industry more than any other leader of any other company in our business anywhere. And no one does a better job of downloading the information you need to hear to create your career worth having and your business worth owning… You’ll never see thousands of real estate agents coming to hear any other company head teach them how to run a better, more efficient and more profitable real estate business…never. That’s because all other company heads are more focused on their company than they are on their agents, and they lack street credibility. You will rarely see Gary at a leadership event in Keller Williams. If you want to see Gary, you have to go to the agent events because that’s where he will be. That’s where he lives. That’s where he thrives. And that’s why we love him so much.

And if you are looking for tools and systems and leverage for your business, the exhibit hall for vendors is heaven for such things. There are more people with more products and services that could provide you with the very thing(s) that’s missing in your efforts to grow your business into all that it’s capable of. From signs and cards, to logo merchandise, to closing gifts, to marketing and prospecting systems and tools, to technology…there’s nothing missing…nothing.

Lastly, KW’s Family Reunion is one of the greatest money making events you can invest in and attend. More than 10,000 people meet and re-connect here. It is a super highway for referral business for those who go with the expectation of building relationships with influential people in different markets. Don’t go to Family Reunion and spend all of your time with the people you live with locally. Branch out! Go and find new friends in different states who can become an extension of your valuable business services. We have so many great people in this company, and the people who you want to send business to are the best people in the business, and the best people in the business invest in their careers by attending this great event. Everyone you meet at Family Reunion is a potential source of new business for you. Don’t underestimate this truth. Go to Family Reunion focused, and go prepared.

Whether it’s referral income or income from something new you learn to improve your business, Family Reunion should never be an “expense.” It should always prove to be an investment that provides a tremendous return for you.

If you are attending Family Reunion this year, be sure to thank any member of the KW Events Team that you see out there. They do an amazing job and without them, your experience at Family Reunion would be far less enjoyable than it tends to be. This is their biggest event of the year and they need to be told what an amazing time and experience you have had out there.

This will be my 15th Family Reunion at Keller Williams. I never tire of this event. In fact, much of my excitement comes from watching the faces of those who are attending for the first time. Seeing and hearing the first timers being blown away by Family Reunion always reminds me of what a special company we are a part of.

As always, I look forward to seeing so many of our KW peeps in Phoenix. I can’t wait to go, and I can’t wait to come back with a sharper set of tools that will help me and all of my associates succeed at a higher level.

I’m looking forward to a great event, and I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Your #1 Fan…


Shaun Rawls
Keller Williams
Phone: (404) 561-6555
Fax: (404) 806-6280

Thoughts for a happy, new and extraordinary year!


New Year’s Eve…There’s no single day that signals new beginnings like it.  It’s time to let bygones be bygones, time to tuck away lessons learned, and time to set our sights on all that’s possible for us in the year ahead.

2013 proved to be the year of traction that we predicted it would be in our business, and 2014 should provide all of the economic opportunity that one could hope for.  This is a year to plan big, a year to set goals that make your knees wobble, and a year to put your “one thing” into action, day after day after day…one thing at a time.  Focusing on the right “one thing” brings about the right things.

In my opinion, the two most important concepts to focus on are the “4 L’s” and the “Six Personal Perspectives.”  The quest for mastery in these two things is the key to simplifying the complexities of life and business, and maximizing your world.

Leads, Listings, Leverage and Love are the “4 L’s,” and The Six Personal Perspectives is your path to achieving your desired results for each and all of the 4 L’s.  What are the Six Personal Perspectives?

  1. Self Mastery – Decide what you want and/or what you want to improve regarding the 4 L’s.  Being emotionally attached to this perspective is what drives you to follow through with the remaining perspectives.  It is essential that you are passionate about what you want to master.
  2. Stay in your 20% – This is about efficiency.  What are the most important levers to pull that yield the greatest results?  Gain clarity around what’s vital versus what’s trivial.  Be productive, not just busy. What’s the “one thing” that you can do that makes everything else less important or not necessary?
  3. Be Purposeful – Ask questions.  What do I really want?  Who’s doing it already?  Who has the best model and/or systems that you can put into place? How can you insure that you do what you know you need to do? Who is the best person to hold you accountable?
  4. Be Learning Based – What do you need to learn to help you get the results you want?  Is there a book that would help you?  Is there a person that could train you?  Is there a consultant or a coach that could help you?  Is there a class that you should attend?  Knowledge is power, and in many ways, knowledge is money.
  5. Remove Limiting Beliefs – How you think determines everything in your world.  What you read and who you spend the most time with will be the biggest determiners of your future.  If you’ve ever read “The Aladdin Factor,” you know that everything in our lives is an answer to the questions that we ask.  Therefore, to get bigger answers we need bigger questions.  Bigger questions come from bigger thinking.  What’s “one thing” you can do to start expanding your thinking?
  6. Be (held) Accountable – While there are lots of ways to create accountability in your world, hiring the right coach is the simplest and most effective way to insure your success.  I have come to refer to coaching as “Success Insurance.”  We pay for insurance policies for our cars, our homes, our health and our life.  Hiring a coach is nothing more than an insurance policy for our success.

As you cross the threshold into 2014, I hope that you are prepared to simplify your thoughts, simplify your actions and maximize your outcomes.  As always, we are excited to provide the people who can help you and the environment to support you throughout the year and your career.  I am convinced that the energy and the education that exists in our market centers are our greatest ingredients in creating the contagious and productive environment that we all enjoy.

Thank you for being a vital part of this great company.  Helping your business unfold and bloom is one of my greatest joys.  I hope that the New Year is a pivotal year for you and that your business blooms. Let’s focus on all that is possible in the year ahead and create lives and businesses that are nothing less than extraordinary.

Happy New Year!

Your #1 Fan…



Shaun Rawls

Keller Williams Realty

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