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Unblock Messages sent from the Market Center Intranet

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Last updated: 04 Sep, 2015

This is a notorious issue for the Intranet vendor BackAgent, frequently blocking Agent emails in their system! 

The following procedure will 'unblock' an Agent's email address so that email blasts from the Team Leader and Market Center leadership will be received.

1. Logon to myMarket Center Intranet
2. Once you are in the Intranet, click on your profile 
     (this is staged at top right corner, above the office calendar - click your picture or name)
3. Look at your profile, focus on the area regarding your email address.  If it is being blocked, it will say "Email Blocked" and there will be a link labeled "Verify Now"
4. Click on the "Verify Now" link and the system will send you a verification email.  The Subject line will be "Verification Link - Action Required" and the message will arrive from Sender: BackAgent (

5. Locate the verification email from BackAgent and you will find a link in the message body that you will need to click through.  Once you click through the link, your account will be considered verified and you should begin to receive email blasts from your Team Leader and Market Center leadership through the Office Intranet.

Additional Information (Optional)

Agents can setup whitelist to better improve the likelihood of message delivery from BackAgent.  This is especially helpful for Agents using email hosted on a server other than addresses.

Add a permanent whitelist for the following domains:

Add a permanent whitelist for the follow email server IP addresses:

If you are still not receiving emails from myMarket Center Intranet after unblocking your email address, we definitely want to know about it! 
Open a help desk ticket at and we will work to determine a resolution.

Article ID: 1
Last updated: 04 Sep, 2015
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