MC247 - Atlanta Perimeter - Dunwoody - Printer Installation (Mac)

Created Aug 22, 2019

The following instructions will enable KW Atlanta Perimeter users to install the new Kyocera Copiers onto their own Mac computers.  Mac OSx 10.8+ is required. 

Contact or KWAP's Agent Services for any issues, questions, or assistance.

  1. Download the software
  2. Installation of the Software
  3. Configure the Printers
KWAP Kyocera MFPs
Device IP Address Model
KW_Workroom 01 TASKalfa 5053ci
KW Workroom 02 TASKalfa 5053ci
KW Commercial TASKalfa 5053ci




1.  Navigate to and find Market Center Print Drivers under
the Downloads button.


2.  On the Macintosh Instructions category, locate and click on MC247 - KWAP - Dunwoody.


3.  Locate and click the red KWAP Kyocera Download button from the Quick Reference table. 
Double-click the Kyocera OS X 10.9+ zipped file. 

Note: If you can't locate the file after the download, try looking in Mac Finder's Downloads Folder.


4.  Mac OS X will automatically unzip the file and produce a blue 'unzipped' folder next to the
original.  Do not be concerned if the unzipped folder name is different than the original
zipped file name.  Double-click the blue folder, in the example below the folder name is


5.  Locate the dmg file inside the blue unzipped folder.  Double-click the dmg file.  In the
example below, the dmg file name is  Kyocera OS X 10.9+ Web build 2019.06.24.dmg.


6.  Mac OS X will process the dmg file and open a new window containing a pkg file, product
setup info, and an uninstaller.  Locate and Double-click the pkg file.  This file is recognizable
by a yellow icon that looks like an open box. In the example below, the pkg file is named:
Kyocera OS X 10.9+ Web build 2019.06.24.pkg


7.  Mac OS X will process the pkg file and present a series of Panels that must be
agreed/continued.  On the Introduction Panel, click Continue.


8.  On the Read Me Panel, click Continue.


9.  On the License Panel, click Continue.


10.  From the License Panel's Agreement, click Agree.


11.  From the Installation Type Panel, click Install.
Note: the Installer skips Destination Select. 


12.  Provide the password for your Mac computer to authorize the installation. 
Click Install Software button.


13.  The Installer will process the setup routine.  From the Installer Panel, click Continue once
the button becomes available for click.


14.  Upon completion of the routine, the installer will display a message "The installation was
successful".  Click the Close button.


15.  Mac OS X will ask: Do you want to move the "Koycera Macintosh" Installer to the Trash? 
Users may answer this question in either way.
Keep - The setup files and uninstaller software remains on your computer in the
            Downloads folder
Move to Trash - Delete the setup files.  If you need to reinstall the printers in the future,
            you will need to download the files again


16.  Locate and Click the Apple Icon positioned at the top left corner of your screen. 
Select System Preferences from the menu.


17.  From within System Preferences, locate and Click the Printers and Scanners icon. 


18.  KWAP has a total of 3 Kyocera printers.  Users may install all of these or select only the
specific units desired.  Steps 18 - 26 will walk you through installing KW_Workroom 01
Repeat steps 18 - 26 for each unit you wish to install. 
From within the Printers and Scanners Panel, locate and Click the + symbol found at the
bottom left corner of the panel's window.


19.  The Add Panel will open.  Locate and Click the IP button from the menu.


20.  At this time, Users may choose which Kyocera device they wish to install. If you want all 3
units, then you will need to change the IP address according to the desired Kyocera device. 
In this example, we are installing the KW_Workroom 01. 
From within the Add Panelcomplete the following fields.  

Field Name Answer Notes
           Address: Use the Quick Reference table to determine the IP Address for the
device named KW_Workroom 01
Name:    KW Workroom 01  Users may name the device anything you want
Use:    Kyocera TASKalfa 5053ci (KPDL) OPTION A
If you are onsite and connected to KWAP's network, the installer will
automatically discover the correct answer.  
Click the Add button located
at the bottom of
 the Add Panel and then skip to step 23.

If you are working remote (offsite) during the setup, you will need to
manually select the correct software by working through steps 21 & 22.



21.  To manually select the software, locate and Click the Use field and then Choose the
Select Software option.


22.  The Printer Software Panel will open.  Use the Printer Software Panel's search glass with
keyword 5053.  This will filter the list and make identification of the software easier.  Locate
and Click from the list: Kyocera TASKalfa 5053ci (KPDL). Once the correct software is
displayed, click the Add button from the Add Panel.


23.  The Add Panel will now process and begin setting up the current device. 

If you are onsite and connected to the KWAP network, this
process will complete automatically. 

If you are working remote, click the Skip button.


24.  Set the Paper Finisher option to Cassette 3,4.  Then Click OK.


25.  The Setting Up routine will continue processing and then disappear once this step is complete.  


26.  At this point, you have completed a single â€‹printer device installation.  However, you will not
be able to print until these installed devices are properly configured with job codes as
explained in the next step.

If you want to add more Kyocera devices, return to Step 20 and repeat the process until all
desired devices are installed.

If you now have all the desired Kyocera devices installed, proceed to the next step.


27.  Close the Printers and Scanners Panel by clicking the red dot located at top left corner
of the panel.  

You will not be able to print until each device is correctly configured for Job Accounting as
described in steps 28 - 35.


28.  Use the Mac OS X search glass to search the keyword print panel.


29.  From the Mac OS X search glass results, click on Kyocera Print Panel.


30.  The Kyocera Print Panel will launch and you should now see each Kyocera device installed
in the previous steps.  Each device instance will need to be configured with your
Job Accounting code. If you do not know your code, review your Agent On-boarding sheet
or contact your Agent Services within your Market Center for assistance.
Click on the Kyocera device to add Job Accounting. 
In this example, the _KW Commercial device is selected and clicked.


31.  With the desired Kyocera device highlighted, locate and Click on Job from the left-hand
vertical navigation pane.


32.  Locate the Job Accounting section of the Job panel.


33.  Check the checkbox and enter your copy code. Next, Click the Apply button.


If all of the installed Kyocera devices have been configured with Job Accounting, then Click
the OK button and proceed to step 36.

If there are Kyocera devices that have not been configured with Job Accounting, Click on
the Printer button located at the top of the left-
handed vertical navigation pane.  Proceed to the next step.


35.  Select the next Kyocera device needing Job Accounting and then repeat steps 32 - 34.


36.  Click remaining OK buttons to close the Print Panel.  You should now have KWAP's Kyocera
printers installed and configured correctly!  Test print a webpage or document to verify the
setup is working correctly.

Contact or KWAP's Agent Services for any issues, questions, or assistance.

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