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BC372 - Douglasville - Printer Installation (Mac)

KWSV - BC372 - Printers Quick Guide
Device IP Address Driver
KW_Douglasville SAVIN MP C2503
Driver Bundle KW_Douglasville.pkg

1. Please download the file from the table above. This is the driver for KW_Douglasville.

2. Once downloaded, find it in your Downloads folder on your Mac (Click on Finder, then Downloads).

3. Double click on the KW_Douglasville.pkg file and follow the prompts to install the printer driver.

4. Once installed click on System Preferences. Click on Printers & Scanners.

5. Click on the + sign in the bottom left corner of that window and then click on IP (3rd tab up top).

6. In the Address field type in, change/leave Protocol to Line Printer Daemon - LPD and leave Queue blank.
7. Once the printer is found change the Name field to KW_DouglasvilleLocation field is optional (could be something like KW office). Make sure under Use field the driver ends in PS, eg. Savin MP C2503 PS. This is crucial, if it says AirPrint, change it to the PS driver. Click on Add. On the next page click on Next and it should be installed.

8. Once installed launch any program (TextEdit would do but do NOT use Chrome or Adobe Reader) and select FilePrint. This will invoke the print dialog.

9. See attached photo and make the following changes following the instructions BELOW the picture.
9.1. Click on Printer and select KW_Douglasville, remove the checkmark for Two-sided printing. (well, if you prefer two-sided, by all means keep it).

9.2. Click on the "TextEdit" menu (in this example TextEdit, could be Firefox, Safari, Word, etc) below Orientation and select Job Log, put a checkmark next to Enable User Code and then enter your office Print code. Ask your Agent Services Coordinator what your code is if you do not know it.

9.3. Click on Job Log below Orientation and select Printer Features. Now click on Presets at the top and choose Save Current Settings as a Preset. Name the Preset - Color. Now change the Color Mode at the bottom (2nd from bottom) to Black and White. Click on Presets again and select the same Save Current Settings as a Preset. This time name the Preset - BW.

Going forward make sure to Always select BW or Color preset to print, otherwise it will not print. The presets have the color selection and, most importantly, your print code.